Best Places to Find Winning Ideas for Writers

by Ben Holt on September 25, 2018

A friend once told me Isaac Newton must have been very idle sitting under the apple tree for the apples to fall on his head, and then too idle to continue sitting there only for him to discover the law of gravity. Is it insane to sit and wait for an incredible idea to fall out of the sky and land on your head? I believe it is.

When it comes to developing good ideas, it is either a feast or a famine for the writer. There are those writers who are overwhelmed with ideas, and they get confused about which approach to pursue. Then there are those writers who struggle to find a compelling idea worth writing, and once they get something worthy, it cannot sustain their story.

Great ideas are made up of character, plot, theme, and setting. If you have been developing an idea for you to come up with a clever plot twist, it must be the reason you are stuck with no ideas. A creative mind will not help if you lack the skills of expressing it in words, so it is far better to check helpful resources like Trust My Paper website to find inspiration for your writing. A fair opinion, on the other hand, can be turned into an award-winning story by choosing the right words. George R.R said “ideas are cheap, I have more ideas now than I could ever write up. To my mind, it is the execution that is all important.”

I write this post for the writers struggling to find excellent ideas. Imagine there is no shortage of sources that provide writing inspiration that you can turn to. There are several and endless ways you can use to cultivate ideas that carry the potential of creating a best seller book.

1. Dream

The most successful artists and inventors found their ideas in the magical world of their dreams. Stephen King, the most influential author of all time, refers to a dream as the inspiration for Misery- the novel that Broadway turned into a film. You probably do not remember your dream when you wake up, or it is hazy. Try using some proven techniques that will help you remember the dream and get your next big idea.

2. Connect With the World

Look around you, and impossible situations are happening almost everywhere. Imagine what the world will be like in the next 10 or so years. Connect with the things happening in the world, they might be horrific or bizarre, but this will propel you into thinking outside the box.

The Hunger Games book written by Suzanne Collins captured the hearts of millions with its film becoming a cultural phenomenon. She sourced her idea from reality television (The Bachelor) of young people competing for a million dollars. As she flipped through the television channels, she came across the Iraq war, and the two scenes fused together to form Katniss’s story.

3. Politics and Religion

What societal issues matter to you? Is it the politics that are so rampant today or the new churches and faiths coming up? Look at the news, read the newspapers or visit social media. There are real stories out there that need to be heard or even probably fuel your writing ideas. Take a look at the society, the people struggling with poverty, the children dying prematurely, immigration, the communities losing their land and traditions because of climate change.

It is more than a story; it is exposing the corrupt, rallying the masses to stop destroying the environment. Mark Twain and other authors have successfully drawn their thoughts from real life, ‘Pulitzer’ is an award-winning novel that comments on social injustice and other factors of oppression.

4. Travel

When you travel you interact with a new environment. The air is more-fresh or fouler depending on where you go, the buildings are different, and the culture is different. While there take photos, do not overlook the ordinary. At an unexpected moment, the event or image will strike you in a certain way and lead you to a story. The photographs may contain a pattern that will spark an idea. Take a notebook with you, view life differently, entirely afresh and get inspiration.

5. Have a routine

A striking feature of all the successful author is how they keep to a method that ends up providing an idea. Jerry Seinfeld before he became a renowned comedian would write a joke per day and mark an X on all the days he fulfilled his routine. Haruki Murakami gets up every morning exercises, reads and goes to bed at 9 pm. The repetition of the above persons helped them to stay motivated, and that is how they changed their narrative.

Therefore, quit making excuses for not writing there are ideas all over. Get ideas while bored, dreaming, all the time.

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